1. Helping small business stay in business

    There is a new way to assess and transfer risk in the 21st century. We’re defining it with modern technology solving real user pain points.

  2. Purpose

    Start-up culture. End-up infrastructure.

    Proving that the principles of lean-startups, when leveraging the global platform and brand of Argo Group, can accelerate our pace of change. Inventing new categories of business and building digital bridges to existing and future products is our resolve. Accelerating the technology ecosystem of a global company from the inside out, while producing ideas that have a meaningful impact on the daily lives of millions.

    Agile. Lean. Purpose and Results Driven.

    Inspired by Spotify, we operate in squads composed of Product Owners, Designers, Engineers, and Digital Marketers, with support from stakeholders throughout the business. Squads are located in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood with one mission: turn the insurance paradigm on its head, talk to our large small business customer base, sprint to build new software, identify new categories, and define the way people transfer risk in the 21st century.

    Our culture is inspired by a new way of working.

    Today’s fastest growing and most profoundly impactful companies use a different operating model. Our culture is influenced by elements from companies, such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon, and Valve. We’re hypothesis driven and not solutions looking for problems. We operate as “one-pizza” cross functional teams, each focused on one problem at a time, iterating until we solve the customer need or pivot into something new from what we’ve learned. We leverage Argo’s large customer base to do concept and user testing prior to making bigger investments.

  3. Who We Are

    We believe that the purpose of our products is as important as the profit they generate. We organize as networks of people around a common goal. We’re all in from the beginning. No passing of the responsibility or throwing specs over the wall. Engineers sit in user interviews, designers can write code. If you’ve got the skills, you’re empowered to make decisions with the freedom to drive outcomes for our users. We value experimentation over planning, believing that it is better to put a stake in the ground and get feedback. We are highly transparent, sharing our work daily, so that everyone stays on the same page and constantly learns from one another. We have deep chops in tech and finance. Our team is composed of engineers, product geeks, and designers with experience building and investing in digital businesses from companies, such as Palm, Openwave, American Express, Bear Stearns, Allstate, and others.

  4. Investments

    De-risked venture capital with industry expertise.

    To further our purpose, we make venture investments to back passionate and talented entrepreneurs who want to make a dent in financial services and insurance. The areas we have a particular interest in are risk management tech, (re)insurance tech, data, artificial intelligence, regulation tech, and emerging technologies that we can apply to our business.

    Our current focus is on later Seed and Series A stages of investment. Once capital is committed, we do not stay passive. On the contrary, we de-risk the ventures by giving startups access to our industry know-how and expertise, regulatory and legal resources, industry relationships, potential customers, and case specific, our insurance paper.

    If you have a startup that fits our areas of focus, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch via the contact information below.

    Creative Partnerships that are Purposeful and Mutually Beneficial.

    The final leg of our thesis is to build partnerships within the financial services ecosystem with like-minded co-investors, collaborators, startups, and possible distribution channels for our products.

  5. Join Us

    Set the next standard for how insurance companies interact with customers.

    Before the dawn of everything internet, insurance was intimate and personal. You walked down the street to chat with your broker, and the risk to your business, your livelihood, was covered with a handshake. Today things are different. The average insurance policy for a mom+pop store trades through a dozen different hands and traverses a maze of systems and processes. Few are accountable and fewer know the whole story.

    Today, the trend toward digital seemed to have made things worse. Quoting takes forever. Claims feel impersonal. Self-service is clunky. It's hard to know who can help in a time of need.

    These are big problems, and we want you to help us solve them.

    You have the freedom to shape decisions, data, and infrastructure.

    Learn More and Apply

    VP Product

    VP Design

    Product Owner

    Product Designer

    Full Stack Developer

    Data Engineer

    Data Scientist

    Front End Developer

  6. Contact

    Get in Touch. Stay in Touch.

    New York Office
    610 Broadway
    (Entrance on Houston St. between Crosby St. and Broadway)
    4th Floor
    New York, NY 10012


    General: info@argo-digital.com

    Startups: pitch@argo-digital.com

    Partners: partner@argo-digital.com

    Careers: careers@argo-digital.com